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BioTabs - Powerful Sanitising Cleaning Tablet

All-round sanitiser kills all known microorganisms - viruses, bacteria, spores, mould, fungi, yeast and biofilms




The highest kill rate available - 99.99999% (Log Kill 7)

Bio Tab Colour Change allows the user to visualise if the product is still active.   Approximately 1 minute after adding the tablet to water, the water will turn pink, signifying the product is ready to use.  After 26 hours the pink colour will disappear, signifying that it is time to change the water and add another tablet.

Supplied to the NHS, this combined sanitising disinfectant cleaner has the highest kill rate available - 99.99999%, which is Log Kill 7.

Bio Tabs will clean, disinfect & deodorise in one operation.  These tablets can be used on a variety of surfaces from hard floors, tables, door handles, soft furnishings, carpets and even pet bedding.

How to Use:
Insert one 3 gram tablet into one litre of warm water, half a tablet for 500mls of water, or a quarter of a table for 250mls of water.  Wait for the table to dissolve (typically 1 minute), and apply using a spray bottle (not supplied).

Solution Remains Active for at Least 48 Hours
After 48 hours the solution can safely be disposed of down the drain.

Price:  £99.95 per pack of 200 tabs


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